Our product lines and their underlying innovations are organized in seven different market verticals to reflect the greatest potential for revenue and market scalability.

Market Vertical 1:  Secure Mobile Payments and Mobile Authorization Systems


Card Secure® Platform (CSP) & Secure World™– two unique and complimentary mobile device tailored product lines that employ existing merchant system and banking infrastructures.

Market Vertical 2:  Mobile Advertising Ecosystems

Four distinctly new and unique mobile ad platform ecosystems certain to disrupt the mobile ad industry.

Market Vertical 3:  Cyber Security Defense

Included in this market vertical, are six different cyber-security solutions that address the multi-layered  challenges presented by cyber-security threats.

Market Vertical 4:  Vehicle Safety Systems

Safe Start and Safe Texting addresses two major causes of vehicular accidents; where Safe Start uses Internet to keep impaired drivers off the road – while Safe Texting enables texting while driving at any speed.

Market Vertical 5:  Mobile & Wearable Devices

Two distinct and unique product lines, 1) an entirely new generation of smart phone and 2) two different wearable devices.

Market Vertical 6:  Personal Health Product Lines

Targets three leading health care market segments, including the large and growing diabetes market.

Market Vertical 7:  Communications & Entertainment

Communications & Entertainment comprises two different properties directed toward the creation of relevant and engaging content, as well as unusual movie scripts that uplift the human spirit – funded via a new crowd funding protocol.


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