Products & Technologies - Overview ADMO® is a fundamentally new, end-to-end smartphone platform & mobile advertising ecosystem that, for the first time, balances the interests of advertisers and consumers, a feat industry giants like Google, Facebook and Yahoo can’t match. CARD SECURE® is a secure mobile payment system superior to Apple Pay and similar mobile payment systems in every aspect. CYBEREAL SHIELD® is a transparent national cyber security defense shield, unparalleled in its ability to safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure industries. iCard® is a four-factor remote user authentication technology in a small key sized device, for authenticating remote user access to computer networks across a range of high & medium security applications. RANDOM DANCE KEYS® is an end-to-end cellular & wireless data/communication security technology, with a new generation of data encryption keys for any type of wireless communication. LIVE COUPON® is the first mobile coupon end-to-end ecosystem that bridges an entire chain of participants, from advertisers, to consumers, to merchants; including automatic fund disbursement for merchants, and data analytics for advertisers to refine their ad campaigns. iGO® is a new social cause mobile engine & platform without peer, developed to mirror society’s social dynamic structure in a unique, informative and interactive social platform. JaPhoneTM is the next generation smartphone featuring twenty-five new innovations; including exciting new touch interfaces, network agility, GPS Smart technology, and an elegant minimalistic design profile. Freedom® & ihenar® are new cutting-edge active-fashion wearable devices that capture consumer’s imaginations with the ability to seamlessly communicate with, and effortlessly command their mobile world.


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