Market Vertical 7: Communications & Entertainment


Our Communications & Entertainment market vertical comprises two different segments directed toward the creation of relevant and engaging content for a magazine, as well as unusual movie scripts that uplift the human spirit, funded via crowd funding protocol.


Market Summary


    Communications: What sets our communication properties apart?


      – Human

    • A web-based magazine for a satirical look at human behavior though insightful short stories, cartoons and creation of new characters across the spectrum of society from politics to business, to culture; with the aim to educate, inform and entertain;  to show us who we truly are as individuals, with unique traits, and as a human race – a foundation for a widely read magazine.


    Entertainment: What sets our Entertainment properties apart:


       It is in our founder’s genes to lead and not follow and copy others and therefore through our founder’s creative energies and talents we write treatments for unusual movie scripts that not only uplift human spirit but also address highly unique topics of worldwide interest that would generate projected revenue for each of these movie/book projects in a billion dollar range.


  • Movie Scripts / Novels – We have detailed treatments of three feature length films/book


  • Funding Protocol – We would make these treatments available to others under Federal Trade Secret Act and invite     others to offer their talents as producers, directors, writers, actors and as investors, to have these projects succeed as movies and book.
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