Market Vertical 6: Personal Health Product Lines


     This market vertical targets three different health care market segments, including the large and growing Diabetes market.


Market Summary


      Personal health products make up one of the largest industry segments of the greater healthcare industry, not only by revenue, but their ability to positively affect and improve the lives of billions of people around the world on a daily basis.


      IPG has pioneered by careful research and development of new and innovative personal health product lines, targeting three different key health care market segments, including:


  • The large and growing diabetes and diabetes supplies market
  • Common middle ear-infections affecting millions of children around the world
  • The rapidly growing natural health supplements market
  • A new class of hybrid drugs with the potential to not only treat, but cure from the root, certain chronic illnesses using the body's own immune system.


     These unique and innovative health care product lines are projected to generate revenue in billions of dollars annually. – You are invited to learn more by signing up as an Accredited Investor under SEC 506 Reg. D

Seven Market Verticals

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