Market Vertical 5: Mobile & Wearable Devices


      Two distinct and unique product lines, 1) an entirely new generation of Smartphone and 2) two different wearable devices.


Market Summary


      This market vertical has two different and unique product lines, one an entirely new generation of Smartphone branded as JaPhone™, and the second, two new forms of wearable devices, branded as iHenar & Freedom.



      By combining revolutionary new design and innovative technology features totally unique to the JaPhoneTM, and unimagined by current Smartphone manufacturers, the JaPhoneTM is positioned to become an entirely new generation of Smartphone, targeted for the high end of the market for retail in the range of $1500 to $2500, a market not addressed by Apple & Samsung’s market dominance.


Wearable Devices

      IPG has developed two new and unique wearable device products, designed to capture consumer's imagination for realizing the future potential of wearable device design and utility, to firmly establish IPG as a recognized and trusted brand in the wearable device market as it continues to grow unabated.


      The first device, branded as iHenar, is a wearable device worn on the back of the hand with a flexible, minimalistic integrated harness, branded as Heni. The combination of iHenar and Heni creates the first “Active Fashion-Tech” wearable device, perfect for active, on the go consumers, who need Smartphone functionality playing sports, exercising, etc.


      The second device, branded as FREEDOM, is a wireless wearable device worn around the collar, providing unprecedented freedom to effortlessly command and communicate with the world while on the go.


     These unique and innovative mobile and wearable product lines are projected to generate revenue in billions of dollars annually. – You are invited to learn more by signing up as an accredited investor under SEC 506 Reg. D.

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