Market Vertical 3: Cyber Security Defense


      Included in this market vertical are six different cyber security solutions and innovative product lines that address different aspects of the multi-faceted cyber security threats, characterized as Advanced Persistent Threats by the Intelligence Agencies.

Market Summary


      Cyber Security Defense is a multifaceted challenge for the entire nation, including government, critical infrastructure industries, and Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. We have developed multiple infrastructure technology solutions that elegantly, efficiently, and permanently (yes permanently) solve these ever changing advanced peristant cyber security threats for the entire nation.


      Cyber Security “threat vectors,” a term coined by the defense department, is used to characterize different ways to attack the integrity of interconnected computer systems. Recent threat vectors have become so numerous and evolved so quickly, they have placed our entire nation’s cyber security defense infrastructure at risk, with no effective solution in sight. Numerous recent news stories and public statements from high level government officers and private industry executives attest to the magnitude of the problem, and the ensuing risk to the well being of the nation’s cyber security defense infrastructure.


      Included in this market vertical are six different critical cyber security solutions and innovations that address different aspects of this multi-faceted cyber security defense challenge:


1. iCard- A dynamic four-factor remote user authentication system for achieving secure systems across the nation's

critical infrastructure and high value business systems.


2. Easy Access- A true two-factor remote user authentication system for the masses without logistics and cost of

using biometrics and physical security tokens.


3. Cybereal Shield- Hidden and transparent defense shield around the nation’s critical infrastructure industries.


4. GUHS- Source validation of data packets to quickly and efficiently separate data packets from trusted sources and those from unknown or untrusted sources.


5. RDK- Game-changing, ephemeral and virulent Random Dance encryption keys for communication security in mobile wireless devices, nationwide wireless networks and in multi-nation defense theaters.


6. GOPAN-  A sophisticated and unique Aliasing Engine for identity data in the financial industry and business data storage systems.


     These unique and innovative cyber security defense product lines are projected to generate revenue in billions of dollars annually. – You are invited to learn more by signing up as an accredited investor under SEC 506 Reg. D

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