Market Vertical 2: Mobile Advertising Ecosystems


      IPG has four unique and innovative mobile advertising ecosystems; ADMO, a mobile advertising platform that balances the diverse interests of consumers and advertisers; iGO a social connectivity engine that connects all societal interests, Live Coupon a fully automated coupon creation, distribution, redemption and tracking platform; and Unbounded Creativity, a unique gaming engine.

Market Summary


       As the U.S. digital advertising market continues to mature, it is projected to overtake annual television advertising spending for the first time by the end of the decade. These are truly staggering statistics, and a direct result of our growing obsession with mobile devices and the enormous success demonstrated by digital advertising titans, Google and Facebook.


      The digital advertising market may be growing at breakneck speed; however, advertising executives remain frustrated, due to: (i) limited capability to accurately target and measure mobile ad spending ROI, (ii) a significant percentage of mobile ad impressions are consistently wasted, and (iii) consumers increasingly resent advertisers approach of delivering unwanted and intrusive ads to their mobile devices.


      IPG has carefully researched & developed four unique and innovative mobile ad platform ecosystems, designed to effectively capitalize and efficiently solve mobile advertising’s ineffective value proposition for ad impression spending, to provide mobile advertisers a new paradigm for consistent and scalable ROI performance.


      Combining the multi-billion dollar revenue potential from each of the four different mobile ad platform

ecosystems described in this market vertical, would immediately position IPG as a major challenge to Google & Facebook dominance of mobile advertising revenue and market share.


      These four unique and innovative mobile advertising ecosystems based product lines, are projected to generate revenue in billions of dollars annually. – You are invited to learn more by signing up as an accredited investor under SEC 506 Reg. D.

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