Market Vertical 1:  Secure Mobile Payments & Mobile Authorization Systems


     Card Secure for secure mobile payments and Secure World for real time Mobile Authorizations of credit card and banking transactions;  two unique and complimentary mobile device tailored product

lines that employ existing merchant system and banking infrastructures.

Market Summary


     Card Secure & Secure World are two unique and complementary product lines, focused on eliminating the largest online security threats of our time; (a) credit card and bankcard data theft, and (b) theft of online bank ID data credentials.  These security threats affect every American and American Institution directly or indirectly at some point, from banks and their customers, to merchants and businesses, and across the board of the law enforcement resources of the FBI.


     Card Secureis an innovative new solution for solving the problem of bankcard data theft in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Card Secure eliminates the potential for bankcard data theft at the root of the problem, because no bankcard data is ever stored in the mobile device and no bankcard data is ever provided to merchants, or stored in merchant systems and used in their communication channels; as a result, Card Secure renders the potential for bankcard data theft impossible.


     Card Secure was developed to solve the problem of bankcard data theft elegantly, without requiring merchants to change their current payment infrastructure; in addition to instantly working with any type of Smartphone or merchant system, unlike Apple Pay or Android Pay. Card Secure technology is also implementable in a secure overlay payment card for those who would prefer to continue to use a plastic card.


     Secure World has been innovated from the ground up, to successfully eliminate the specific challenges of stolen online identity and bankcard data theft. What if your credit card or bankcard data is lost or stolen and neither you, nor your bank are aware of the theft? Or worse still, your online banking personal ID data credentials, your most valued private data, has also been compromised? Unfortunately, for either of these scenarios the answer is simple: Until you are made aware of the credit card, bankcard or personal ID data theft, there is nothing you can do until it is too late.


     These unique and complementary product lines, Card Secure – for Secure Mobile Payments and

Secure World – for Secure Mobile Authorizations are projected to generate revenue in billions of dollars annually. You are invited to learn more by signing up as an Accredited Investor under SEC 506 Reg. D.



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