I start this letter to the investment and larger community with a quote from a recent article in Forbes. This quote truly captures the promise of the new world we are creating through innovation: Apple’s iPhone is Now Worth More Than All of Microsoft This is an entirely stunning statistic: Apple’s iPhone sales are now worth more than all of Microsoft: “One Apple product, something that didn’t exist five years ago, has higher sales than everything Microsoft has to offer. More than Windows, Office, Xbox, Bing, Windows Phone, and every other product that Microsoft has created since 1975. In the quarter ended March 31, 2012, iPhone had sales of $22.7 billion Microsoft Corporation, $17.4 billion.” Tim Worstall, Contributer, Forbes, Tech 8/19/2012 Our innovations have solved some of the greatest technical problems of the modern world. Many of our product lines create entirely new ecosystems, much like Apple has created with their iPhone. Our focus includes more than just technology and products; stellar execution plays a critical role, with attention to every detail. Our forward looking products & services span a range of important technology markets, including: Secure Mobile Payments; Mobile Banking Security; eCommerce Security; Critical Infrastructure Security; Bank Security; Mobile Advertising; Social Engines; Vehicle Safety Technologies; New Wearable Devices; and JaPhoneTM the next generation of smartphone. Smartphones have introduced a rapidly growing marketplace of mobile products & services unimaginable less than a decade ago, which now are changing the ways we live and work in multiple ways; a substantial number of our product line innovations were developed as new smartphone ecosystems. — Continued
CEO Letter Cont.

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