Today’s Smartphones using 200 year-old technology

Old Style 'QWERTY' Typewriters from 1829

     QWERTY keyboard layout was developed nearly years ago for Remington mechanical typewriters, that required two-hand, 10 finger typing.


     The specific ‘q w e r t y’ layout was created to avoid mechanical arms clashing with each other as they flew out from their rest position to strike the paper.


     BEYOND QWERTYTM is a human-factor driven key-space configuration for use in hand-held devices such as smartphones that intelligently arranges the keyspace for ease in typing using only the finger or thumb in a hand-held mobile device.




human-factor driven

keyspace layout

Steps to download and install the BEYOND QWERTYTM app onto your device:


1) Open the link in your device browser.

2) Click on the link 'qwerty.apk'

3) A warning pop-up will appear which will ask you to keep this file , Click on 'OK'

4) Now click on downloaded apk file.

5) Note: For security reasons, if your phone is not allowed to install apps from your browser, then go to settings and click on 'allow apps from this source'

6) Now click on 'Install'

7) The BEYOND QWERTYTM app will be installed on your device.


Steps to enable BEYOND QWERTYTM on your device:


1) After successfully installing your app follow the following steps.

2) Go to 'Android Settings' > 'Languages and Input' > 'Current Keyboard' > Choose 'Keyboards.'

3) You should see your 'Custom Keyboard' on the list. Enable it.

4) Go back and choose 'Current Keyboard' again. Choose 'Custom Keyboard' on the list.

Your device should now be ready to start typing with BEYOND QWERTYTM

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