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     This page was created exclusively to address the needs of potential investors who would qualify as accredited investors under SEC Rule 506, Regulation D.

-- We categorize these investors in three types:


                 Investors who will invest funds in exchange for equity


                 Investors who will provide executive talent in exchange for equity


                 Investors who would choose the role of advisors and directors for equity

     To identify serious and good faith potential investors of any of the three types above, who are interested in our long term success and who wish to join us at this early stage, we have created a Mutual Investor and IPG due diligence process  that is in the best interest of both potential investors and IPG.


     The price we assign our securities would change over time and we want to give serious investors the opportunity to select a start-date of their own choosing to invest in the success of IPG.


     For potential investors, we will set-up a minimum investment that would change over time and may be in the range of $5 million to $100 Million. The remaining two types of investors providing executive talent, board advisors and directors would undergo a vetting process.


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