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IPG/Founder Intro Video

Intro 1: Internet Promise Group (IPG) is a conglomerate with product and service innovations across seventeen  different product lines organized in six market verticals. We just recently added our seventh market vertical dedicated to Communications & Entertainment properties.

Intro 2: Seventeen disruptive product lines -- as summarized in the Intro Video and detailed in our prospectus, which include new Secure Mobile Payments better than Apple Pay and similar systems, new Mobile Advertisement Ecosystems  that balance the interests of advertisers and users,  new Mobile & Wireless Devices, Cyber Security Defense systems, Health, and a range of other disruptive product lines.

Intro 3: IPG plans to file for a major International IPO very soon; first limited to Accredited Investors under rule 506 of SEC Regulation D, and later under SEC Form S1.

Intro 4: We  aim  to raise  $15 billion  to $35 billion in stages... Find out how the depth and  diversity of our intellectual  property  capital  assets combined with our first three market-bound product lines justifies and supports our valuation.

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