Intro 1:  Internet Promise Group (IPG) – A technology conglomerate with product and service innovations across 17 different product lines, organized in six market verticals. We recently added our seventh market vertical dedicated to Communications & Entertainment properties.

Intro 2:  Seventeen Disruptive Product Lines – Detailed in the IPG Intro Video & Prospectus links below.

IPG Product Lines include: (a) Secure Mobile Payments, better than Apple Pay and similar systems; (b) Mobile Advertising Ecosystems, which balance the interests of advertisers and consumers; (c) Mobile Wireless Devices; (d) Cyber Security Defense Systems; (e) Healthcare; and a range of additional disruptive product lines.

Intro 3:  IPG plans to file for a major International IPO very soon; first limited to Accredited Investors under rule 506 of SEC Regulation D, and later under SEC Form S1.

Intro 4:  IPG aims to raise $15 billion - $35 billion in stages – Find out how the depth and diversity of our intellectual property assets combined with our first three market-bound product lines justifies and supports our valuation and capital-raise target.

IPG/Founder Intro Video

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